Mani Monday: Sweets Stripes Tutorial

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A manicure has never looked so yummy until you’ve executed this sweet stripes design inspired by gummy candies. Follow this step-by-step created by celeb nail tech, Kimmie Kyees using Q-tips.


Here’s what you’ll need:

-Base coat
-Orange polish
-White polish
-Q-tips Precision Tips cotton swabs
-Top coat

1. Transform a Q-tips Precision Tips cotton swab into a “striper brush” by pulling cotton loose from the tip and twisting it tightly. Trim unruly ends if needed. Prep the nail with a base coat. Then, paint nails with an orange polish.


2. Dip the “striper brush” into white nail polish and apply thin lines to the left and right sides of each nail.

3. Using the same white polish, draw a curved line at the base of the nail to connect the two white lines.

4. Follow with a thin layer of top coat to seal.

For more edible-looking nail art including ice cream inspired designs, click here.

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