Win It Wednesday: Essie’s Fall 2014 Collection

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49 essie fall 2014

Essie’s fall palette is a compelling collection of highly complementary hues that work beautifully together and make a serious style statement all on their own. Dazzling, rich autumnal red feels daring, racy, and is sure to quicken pulses everywhere. Novel inky cobalt, providing added color, depth, and spellbinding beauty, makes an edgy alternative to office-issue navy. Traditional gray is laced with green and teal with undertones for a tantalizing effect. Seasonal staples mahogany and taupe are ideal neutrals that work with any fashionable fall frock.

These chic shades can be yours:

Partner in Crime — rich dark chocolate

Fall in Line — enigmatic jade green

Style Cartel — inky cobalt blue

Dress to Kilt — seductive red

The Perfect Cover Up —powerful peacock teal

Take It Outside — punchy, fresh taupe

To enter to win, leave a comment below telling us what you like best about autumn. We will pick one comment at random to win on Monday, September 15. For an additional entry, share this post on social media and be sure to tag @SalonFanatic. Giveaway for U.S. only. Good luck!

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129 Responses to Win It Wednesday: Essie’s Fall 2014 Collection

  1. Megan says:

    Autumn is absolutely my favorite season! Perfect temperatures, beautiful colors, and wonderful tastes and smells. The nail polish colors for autumn are pretty awesome, as well!

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    • http://www./ says:

      I’d love to enter please – I love nail polish and Essie is great. I like/follow you on Facebook, my FB name is Amanda Moore and I follow you on Blog Lovin’ too!

  2. I love the feel of autumn! The air filed with the auroma of pumpkin spice latte, the cool breeze that flows and touches my face. Apple and pumpkin picking. Cinnamon scented candles and flavour in food … And the best of all.. Enjoying the sun and yet craving for more while secretly wishing to be next to the fire place holding a cup of hot chocolate, wrapped up all nice and cozy …that’s autumn for me

  3. Shalynn says:

    Favorite things about autumn: crisp mornings, sweater dresses and boots, hot coffee, and the gorgeous trees!

  4. rachel jenkins says:

    i love when all the leaves fall, its so beautiful!!!

  5. Katie Weber says:

    I love autumn: the weather, and especially Halloween!

  6. Taylor Jones says:

    Dark polish colors, warm clothes and Halloween of course!

  7. Melissa Kyle says:

    My favorite thing about autumn is when leaves change and I am able to see all the beautiful colors. I have trees all around my house and I love to watch the colors change.

  8. Angie F says:

    I love the smell in the air and the crispness that autumn brings.

  9. luz guevara says:

    Definitely the cool crisp autumn air! And the colors are beautiful as well I love fall!

  10. Angela Hendricks says:

    I love the leaves changing colors.

  11. Ashley Aimi says:

    Cooler weather in Texas!!!! It is still in the upper 90s! oh, and of course Texas FOOTBALL!!

    Shared on Facebook!!!!
    And twitter!!

  12. Ryan Taylor says:

    Pumpkin everything lol!

    Shared on instagram: rytaylor09

  13. Ashley A. says:

    Fur vests, boots, and over sized sweaters!

    • Ashley A. says:

      I also shared on instagram!

    • Janet says:

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  14. alondra elizarraras says:

    the colors change!!!

  15. alondra elizarraras says:

    Pinned it: alondra elizarraras

  16. alondra elizarraras says:

    Tweeted it: @alondraelizarra

  17. Stacee B. says:

    Best about Autumn is the smell of spice apples and cinnamons candles that fills the house, it just gives me that cozy feel as I’m snuggled on the coach with my favorite cup of cappuccino and blanket. The cool breeze that brushes across my skin and the cute boots, sweaters & scarves that I get to wear. Lastly I love the colors the season brings.

  18. Stacee B. says:

    Also shared on instagram username nailit2me

  19. Kate H. says:

    I love Autumn for its weather and Halloween!!

  20. Natalie Guerra says:

    I love fall for several reasons!! I love the color change of the leaves on trees and everything else that comes with the season! The weather is great in the fall because it allows me to wear scarfs and play with other autumn colors, my favorite!

  21. The best things about fall are good hair days, jewel toned nail polish and berry lips!

  22. Carolina Rodriguez says:

    Fall what’s not to love !?! Yoga pants pumpkin spice lattes sweater weather the beautiful leaves change colors. It just excites me

  23. Yesenia Jauregui says:

    What’s not to love?!? The cool crisp mornings, the crunch of the leaves beneath your boots. And dont forget the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin inside every shop and home!

  24. Carol C. says:

    My favorite thing about autumn is the changing of the leaves and the gorgeous colors that come with that. The sweater weather, the dark red mani, the smells from the shops, chai lattes, farmers markets with fresh pies and the sweet smells. Halloween and the kiddies going around the city (NYC) in their costumes, shops and houses decorated in fall colors and the chilly nights that are perfect for cuddling.

  25. Jennifer Martinez says:

    I love autumn for the warm clothes, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice lattes, and cuddling.

  26. Linda Poplees says:

    I love the beautiful colors of autumn they are so breath taking,. I also enjoy apple cider, pumpkin flavors and the cooler weather!

  27. Drew Dolson says:

    Crisp, cool autumn air is the best.

  28. Kaori says:

    Weather- not hot not cold!

  29. carolyn d says:

    My favorite part of Autumn are all the treats! Pumpkin and Apple Pie, Cinnamon cookies, Heavy stews and roasts. YUM!!!
    Thank you!

  30. Linda L says:

    I love eating fall food like apples and pumpkin pie.

  31. tracey byram says:

    I like the cooler weather so it’s not so hot while entertaining outdoors.

  32. Cindi says:

    What a great way to start the new season

    • Ally says:

      Držim ti palce, ty to zvládneÅ¡!Jen mÄ› tak napadlo, nemohlo by to tÅ™eba být zÃsv­¡kou(pÅ™epÄ›tÃu?)? Ale spíš to bude tím kabelem. Ono je dost jednoduchý ho zruÅ¡it. No nevím, pak dej vÄ›dÄ›t. 😉

    • Those wash cloths are adorable! You will have plenty of use for them. I was told before I had my daughter to get a heap of terry flat nappies (diapers) – not to use as nappies, but for cleaning up all types of baby messes. They have been one of the most used pieces of baby kit.

  33. Jessica Trombley says:

    Mountain climbing and the smell of the autumn breeze…

  34. Joan Coussoule says:

    I love picking apples then making apple pies.

  35. KimberlyL says:

    Living on the Gulf Coast, autumn brings weather that cannot be beat! The humidity leaves and the temps are perfect! And October brings in Crusin’ the Coast! A fab event with thousands of old cars! Love, love, love!

  36. JANET DUFFEY says:

    the colors and cooler weather

  37. james doyle says:

    The weather! I live in Florida, summer is TOO hot 😉

  38. Amy M. says:

    I love the anticipation Autumn brings! You get to look forward to the Holiday Season and the cooling weather. It’s perfect for boots and lovely colors:)

  39. Mary Pitman says:

    Autumn means that cooler weather is coming. It’s hot here in Florida and months of 90+ temps will be a distant memory soon. Also, the cooler, crisp air is invigorating – I can get more done and not get exhausted.


    The best part of Autumn is pumpkin season! Pies, breads, cakes, cappuccinos, soups, and good ole’ fashion pumpkin carving makes Autumn great!

  41. Katherine Gray says:

    My favorite thing about fall is cosy cashmere sweater weather, pumpkin spiced lattes, and football tailgates!!

  42. Karen M says:

    I love the cool weather. Especially the very cool mornings with a little fog.

  43. Beth M. says:

    Pumpkin flavors, colorful leaves, cold weather, FOOTBALL!

  44. Ria Andrews says:

    That I am going to get to take my kids trick or treating, and that it is my anniversary as well!

  45. angela smith says:

    my favorite things about autumn are the cooler weather(hate being hot)and the leaves changing color i can get some pretty photos during fall.

  46. Liza E says:

    What I like best about autumn is the color of the leaves. I love taking a ride to New England to see the trees.

  47. cheryl wood says:

    The cooler weather

  48. Carrie Conrad says:

    I love the “sweatshirt” weather, pumpkin spice coffee, baked apple pie candles, the beautiful changing leaves, the awesome colors of fall and the smell in the air.

  49. Joanne Cilento says:

    I love the cool crisp air and walking along the beach!

  50. jody s says:

    i love the changing leaves

  51. Love the colors and scents!

  52. Shannon says:

    My favorite thing about Autumn is the colorful leaves!

  53. carrie rizzo says:

    I love all the fall colors and that baking season begins!!!

  54. peggy Friewer says:

    Love everything pumpkin

  55. John Sweeney says:


  56. Heather says:

    I live in LA, so autumn is just an extension of the summer for us. I love it because the weather is still warm and we can bbq and eat dinner outside every night.

  57. Rita says:

    What I like most is the entire autumn package – colors, leaves, crisp cool air, pies, squash, spices, sweaters and boots, and one foot into the holiday season.

  58. Wendy Sebastian says:

    I love Halloween!

  59. ellie says:

    I love the inspiration that changes as quickly as the leaves do! Autumn is the season for thinkers

  60. Charles Goode says:

    The Smell of Fall and the fresh air.

  61. Margaret King says:

    I love the fall colors ,Halloween, and sitting around the fire pit on cool fall nights.

  62. Jaima Russell says:

    Cooler weather

  63. Dianne says:

    I love Essie, the colors are beautiful and they last a long time without chipping

  64. Vikki P says:

    I enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn, the leaves changing and the pumpkins and apples.

  65. Brenda Nagel says:

    omg I just tried some of your nail strengthener and in only 3 days, I can see a huge difference in my nails. they are stopping the splitting and chipping already. I am amazed. I will be trying more of your products

  66. Melanie Montgomery says:

    I like the cool weatjer

  67. Selinda says:

    I love the changing colors of the trees!

  68. Rebecca Sutton says:

    I live in Alabama, where it is hot and very humid. During the fall, we still have warm days, but without the humidity. It’s also time for college football. Roll Tide, roll.

  69. Chuck says:

    I like it when the weather finally starts to cool down, too hot here in central California.

  70. Pamela Murphy says:

    I love the weather and smell of fall.

  71. Dan says:

    Cooler weather and Halloween.

  72. Sarah Davidson says:

    Love the cooler days, and drives to see the Autumn leaves.

  73. Betty Shoemaker says:

    love Autumn crisp mornings turning leaves and the apples

  74. t true says:

    Fall is about colors. Red, orange, brown and green.

  75. Chuck S. says:

    I love the Autumn colors of the trees as they change from green to a dozen different shades of red and yellow.

  76. Shannon Casteel says:

    Autumn is my favorite season, love the colors of the leaves.



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  78. Patricia Hilke says:

    nice colors

  79. Annie Adams says:

    I love the crisp air and the rich clothing colors.

  80. kathy decicco says:

    Being able to wear boots, and not having to cut the grass!

  81. gabrielle tyson says:

    I love the clothing! I cannot wait for layers, and boots.

  82. Deb says:

    love autumn tree colors – air seems fresher – go to raking leaves, not mowing grass and getting ready for winter

  83. marcy robertson says:

    I love the colorful leaves and all the smells in the air

  84. jane jakins says:


  85. philip halter says:

    all of the different colors of the leaves

  86. Mary Songer says:

    I love the fall colors and the cool, crisp air. Always makes me feel like starting new projects.

  87. Mindy Glazer says:

    Fall is my ABSOLUTE favorite season! How can it NOT be? The leaves are the most beautiful colors, the temperature of the air is JUST right, and of course, there is PUMPKIN PIE…the ultimate sign of Fall! Thanksgiving has ALWAYS. Been my favorite holiday since I was a child, too. The smells, the food, and of course, family.

  88. Allyson Bossie says:

    I love the cool weather, the smells of Fall, the colors, and enjoying hot cocoa round a bonfire or fireplace!

  89. Jennifer Cummings says:

    I love fall to bring out my booties & jeans! Also, burning Hazelnut & Pumpkin scented candles!

  90. I love fall because it means it s time for Oktoberfest!!!

  91. GINA STEVENS says:

    Anything Pumpkin Spice flavored and the nice crisp, cool weather.

  92. Deborah Poston says:

    Now that summer is almost over, I can look forward to crisp evenings sitting with a cup of hot dark cocoa doing my nails. They got such a workout this season from gardening that they deserve some pampering. The new fall colors would be the icing on the cake!

  93. Nic says:

    My favorite thing about autumn is the smells! Bonfires, crisp fall air, pumpkin spice, apple cider, and wet dirt after the rain.

  94. Petia says:

    I love the smell of autumn! And having all the leaves change colors!!

  95. Melissa says:

    I love the colors of the leaves and the cool breezes.

  96. Christina says:

    I love fall because the leaves are changing and I can get pumpkin flavored anything for awhile.

  97. Mary Lynn Hayes says:

    I love the fresh crisp air. A nice change from the heat and humidity.

  98. Frank Polgar says:

    I love the cooler temperatures.

  99. Nichole S says:

    I love all the fall colors and fall foods

  100. Julie Link says:

    I like that the kids are back in school! hehehe – also love the fall colors and the briskness in the air.

  101. ann says:

    Love the fall..colors keep me inspired!!

  102. Ron Miller says:

    Football! (btw shared on twitter for that extra entry! I’m @sweepstaking)

  103. Alex says:

    Football and Halloween!

  104. Sarah B. says:

    My Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and the crisp air.

  105. Carrie Conley says:

    I love the falling leaves….the football games…..I also tweeted…

  106. stephanie macdonald says:

    love the cool weather, having my windows open and celebrating halloween

  107. Terry Stebbins says:

    I love the pumpkin flavors of everything!

  108. SUSAN KING says:

    I love the beautiful colors in MN when they start changing. It’s so beautiful ! The mornings are nice and crisp which makes me have more energy. It’s my favorite time of the year !! Thank you for the chance to win some beautiful colors !!

  109. Andrea says:

    I love bonfires, hoodies, autumn leaves.

  110. Cheryl Stark says:

    I love everything about autumn ……… the smell and beauty of season and colors!

  111. Katie Rose says:

    Being able to layer again and enjoy the crisp air!

  112. Pamela Sloss says:

    Autumn is the season of football!!

  113. wcc says:

    I love autumn because it means the unbearably humid days of summer are gone! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  114. Anita Mitchell says:

    I love the colors and cooler temps!

  115. Karen says:

    I love the cooler weather. I live in southern California and this is when the temperatures cool down, but not too cold.

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