Technique Tuesday: Refreshing Fruit Nail Art

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Treat yourself this summer with some refreshing fruit… for your nails! As the temperatures heat up, nail art looks are full of color, bold, and juicy details. Inspired by a summer-perfect snack, MARS the Salon created a delicious design to keep your hands looking tasty and cute. Nail artist Hiroko Fujikawa also added a hint of one of the hottest fashion trends of the year, polka-dots in a subtle white hue. So whether you’re enjoying the beach or going out for a night on the town, this mouthwatering design is sure to get you noticed while adding a touch of zest and flirty fun to every outfit!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-Base coat

-Sheer beige polish

-Yellow nail polish

-White polish

-Dotting tool

-Fruit decals

-Nail adhesive

-Top coat

1. Apply a base coat.


2. Paint two coats of sheer beige polish on the thumb, middle, pinky fingers. Apply two coats of yellow polish on the index and ring fingers.


3. Using a dotting tool and white polish, apply dots over the sheer beige nails.


4. Attach fruit decals from Cina Nail Creations over the yellow nails using a nail adhesive.


5. Once completely dry, finish the look with a layer of top coat.


For more edible-looking nail art, click here.


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