Dazzle in Decadence

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Embellished Nail Art

Jennifer Champion, Arts Desire Nails, Victoria, B.C., Canada


Rosanne Sollecito, Just the Tip Nails, Los Angeles

nagt1013_embellished_TNB 3

Tanaya Middleton, Treasure Nothing Better, Baltimore

Embellished Nail Art

Gina Elliott, Urban Angel Nail Studio, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Embellishing your nails with bling on top of paint is becoming quite the in thing. You needn’t worry about spending hundreds on diamonds to top on top of your top coat, when It’s So Easy makes it simple to dazzle in decadence.

It's So Easy studs

The new Precious Pearls kit and Hey There, Stud can be used to dress up your nails as much or as little as you would like. The pearls kit comes with 846 pearls in copper, matte, and a plethora of colors. Hey There, Stud includes 576 studs in different cuts and metallic colors. These kits come with the perfect picker upper tool and will be available for purchase November 1.

To see more embellished nail art, click here.

Tom Bachik

Tom Bachik


Hey, Nice Nails, Long Beach, Calif.

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