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Salon Fanatic appeals to professionals and hobbyists alike, with a focus on what’s getting people into the salon. Learn about nail trends, salon services, cool products, happening events, and everything else that makes us crazy about nails! Are you a Salon Fanatic? Drop us a line to Let Us Know


Beth Livesay

Beth had only one manicure in her life until she began working as a senior editor at NAILS Magazine. She is now a salon fanatic! When not getting her nails done, she is busy looking at other people’s nails for Nail Art Gallery Magazine. She prefers to wear glitter and bright colors on her nails and high-heeled shoes on her feet.
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Hannah Lee

Hannah Lee is the editor and associate publisher of NAILS Magazine, Nail Art Gallery Magazine, and Salon Fanatic. She’s been with the magazine since 1999. (That’s a lot of salon services!) Asked about the best part of her job? “Getting into salons all over the country (and sometimes all over the world) and meeting people who love nails. And my favorite service is gel-polish! What could be better than a two-week manicure?”
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Kelsey Nolan

Kelsey is a spa pedicure enthusiast and the editorial assistant for NAILS Magazine. She swears by at-home gel manicures (with the tiny LED light!), even if her nail beds are tiny. She can’t wait to see what great nail art our nail savvy readers come up with!
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Judy Lessin

Judy Lessin has been working for NAILS Magazine as an editor for nearly 20 years. During that time she’s never met a salon owner or nail technician she didn’t like. Her areas of interest include business tips and working healthy. E-mail Judy

Sigourney Nuñez

A former newspaper journalist, Sigourney is addicted to polish and expressive manicures. As a DIY aficionado keeping an eye on the latest nail trends, she looks forward to exploring the professional side of the industry. Sigourney is the assistant editor of NAILS Magazine and runs the troubleshooter video series for NailsMag.com.

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