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Sephora is now offering you the chance to pick, mix, and play when it comes to Ciate. Their Pick, Mix, and Play wall contains mini paint pots and embellishments alike so you can mix and match to create the perfect nail art. If you pick three, Sephora will give you a gift box to store your custom kit. Not sure what to pick? We have some suggestions for you:

Cupcake Party

Pick: Cupcake Queen, Fancy Pants, and glitter

Mix & Play:

1. Apply two coats of cupcake queen and let dry.

2. Use Fancy Pants (making sure there isn’t much on the brush) and paint from cuticle half way to the tip.

3. Apply more polish to the brush and dab glitter close to the cuticle to create an ombre effect.

Elegant Rockstar

Pick: Chinchilla and Midnight in Manhattan Caviar Pearls

Mix & Play:

1. Apply one coat of Chinchilla and let it dry.

2. Apply a second coat of Chinchilla and while wet, place pearls on nails.

The After Effect

Pick: Access All Areas, Afterglow, and studs

Mix & Play:

1. Apply two coats of Access All Areas and allow to dry.

2. Apply one coat of Afterglow, and while wet, drop studs onto the center of the nail from cuticle to tip.

3. Press gently on studs to secure.


Pick: Mistress, Pool Party, and Comic Strip

Mix & Play:

1. Apply a base coat and allow to dry.

2. Apply a thick line of Mistress from the left side of your nail towards the tip. Repeat on right side.

3. Repeat step using Pool Party on just the tip of the nail.

4. Top the tip with Comic Strip.

Show us what you come up with when you pick, mix, play, by tagging us @SalonFanatic on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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