A Spa in the Palm of Your Hands

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Slipping into something comfortable is about to take on a whole new meaning. Put on a glove or sock from Bodipure and you could extend the life of your mani or pedi. Loaded with intense healing emulsion to strengthen nails, moisturize hands, soften cuticles, and provide dramatically longer-lasting polish application, each packet contains socks or gloves and a nail file. Products are loaded with keratin, vitamin E, Urea, Copaiba Oil, and Lipex PreAct.

To use, simply remove polish and file nails. Put on gloves/socks that can be chilled or warmed. Massage keratin cream around nail and cuticle. Expose nails. Push cuticles back. Slide gloves/socks off and massage excess cream to moisturize forearms and legs. The secret ingredient to improving the application process, and ultimately helping your mani/pedi last longer is the keratin emulsion and vegetable active ingredients. If you’re going to treat your nails to salon-style coloring, you might as well treat your hands to salon-style pampering.

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