Technique Tuesday: Cotton Candy Ombre Tutorial

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If it’s a sweet tooth you got, this nail art design is for you! Pair your tasty desires with a chic twist on the tip by following these simple steps created by celeb nail tech, Kimmie Kyees using Q-tips.


Here’s what you’ll need to execute a sugary ombre manicure.

Q-tips cotton swabs

-Base coat

-Light pink polish

-Baby blue polish

-Plate or scratch paper

-Top coat

1. Before painting the nails, take two Q-tips cotton swabs and pull the cotton loose like cotton candy. Then paint nails with a light pink polish. Prep the nails with a base coat.


2. Pour the same light pink polish and a baby blue polish on a plate or scratch paper, separately. Add a few drops of nail polish remover to each color to thin slightly.


3. Dip a frayed Q-tip in the light blue polish and dab along the tips of the nail.


4. Dip the other frayed Q-tip in the light pink polish and dab from the cuticle up to meet the blue to create a faded effect.


5. Repeat until you achieve desired effect. Seal the look with a thin layer of top coat.

For more edible-looking nail art, click here.

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