Mani Monday: I Love the USA Nail Art

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Just in time for Independence Day, show your love for the USA by painting your nails patriotically. Hiroko Fujikawa of MARS the Salon in Los Angeles shares how to get your nails red, white, and blue ready.

What you will need:

  • Base coat
  • White nail polish
  • Dark blue nail polish
  • Red glitter nail polish
  • Silver star holograms
  • Nail glue
  • Silver glitter nail polish
  • Striper brush
  • Neon pink nail polish
  • Needle
  • Purple nail polish
  • Top coat
I Love the USA

Step 1

1. Apply a base coat.

I love the USA

Step 2

2. Apply a white nail polish on the thumb, index, middle, and pinky finger.

I love the USA

Step 3

3. Paint an American flag with dark blue and red glitter nail polish.

4. Attach silver star holograms with glue on the dark blue part of the flag.

I love the USA

Step 5

5. Paint a zigzag balloon with silver glitter nail polish and outline the edge of the zigzag balloon with blue glitter nail polish.

6. Paint “July 4th” with neon pink polish on the ring finger inside of the balloon.

I love the USA

Step 7

7. Paint a heart shape with white nail polish.

8. Paint red glitter stripes and a small blue patch inside the heart.

9. Using a needle, paint tiny stars onto the blue part of the flag with white nail polish.

10.Paint “I” and “USA” on top and below the heart.

11. Apply a top coat.

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