Mani Monday: Nails in Stitches

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True story: for a short time I oversaw a magazine called Sew Somerset. It was all about sewing with mixed-media. A stitch became a daily sight for me, and I learned to appreciate the beauty that can be found in a simple line. It’s overwhelming to think that many small stitches actually fasten together the greatest of creations.

So when I saw Margriet Sijperda’s submission for International Nail Art Day, I definitely appreciated the needle and thread she worked into her design. Though these stitches are for pure decoration, I love that it’s an option you can still incorporate into your nail art for that added detail. And in the case of her #INAD2013 submission that contains an actual needle, those stitches really do hold the design together. You can use this design year-round if you’re crafty or save it for Halloween nail art (think Frankenstein).

“I’m trying to post new, never seen before nail art,” says Sijperda, who posts daily at her 365 Days of Nail Art blog. She takes inspiration from anything not nail-related. “My mission is to share the love for nails, nail art, and nail polish … I’m trying to show as much as possible, from simple to very artistic and with a wide range of products.” See more of Sijperda’s jaw-dropping work on Twitter and Facebook.

Forget threading your needle, pick up a striper brush and polish and watch this tutorial that’s sew cute.


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