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Chiara Ferragni Shoes

Let’s be honest: some of our passions might be about things outside the nail realm. While I enjoy collecting bottles of polish and visiting new salons, I’m not sure anything makes me as happy as a new pair of shoes. I was into shoes long before I was into nails. While I can clearly pinpoint when my love of nails began ( Oct. 17, 2012, my first day at NAILS Magazine), I can’t put my finger on how my love affair with shoes began (but I do speculate a bit here).

Chiara Ferragni Shoes

I have always had a thing for fashion (although I haven’t always been the best dressed). I love studying the history, reading the coffee table books, flipping through the magazines, and perusing blogs. Nowadays I enjoy pinning inspiration and following my fashion favorites on Instagram too. The world of social media has allowed several fashion sites to pop up; bloggers have become as important as editors, some of them are even designers, and the computer/iPhone screen is the new glossy. We can see runway shows in real-time and see what our favorite bloggers wear each and every day in their posts.

Chiara Ferragni

I have a daily diet of blogs that I devour. Some are beauty blogs, some are about art, and others are about fashion. I don’t remember how I heard of the Blonde Salad, but I haven’t been keeping up with her blog. So I was really happy to find the link to her shoe collection via Who What Wear. Lo and behold, the nail polish shoe:


It turns out Chiara Ferragni has designed a couple of shoe collections before, but her newest has just hit online retailers and store shelves around the world.

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni, blogger behind The Blonde Salad

Ferragni is an Italian law student/fashion blogger who has received tons of accolades, but I am forever grateful to this woman for combining two of the things I love most. A girl after my own heart!

Chiara Ferragni

Believe me, I  need another pair of shoes like I need another bottle of nail polish, but I will probably be picking these up nonetheless. They come in velvet and glitter. But since they are out of my size in the velvet and I am a glitter girl at heart, I think my mind is made up. What are your other passions? Are you sold on these flats? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Chiara Ferragni

Photos via @chiaraferragni.

You can shop Chiara Ferragni shoes here and here.

You can browse nail art inspired by fashion (and shoes) here.

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3 Responses to Fashion Blogger Nails It

  1. Amber Dunson says:

    No way!!! I am gonna need those shoes!

  2. Vickie Meador says:

    I am a high heel kind of gal, but I could see myself in these! <3

  3. I love those polka dot nails!

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