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Ya Bukey polish earrings

Designer Yaz Bukey sporting her nail polish earrings. Photo from @yazbukey

One of my favorite times of the year is when the spring fashion shows happen around the world. I view almost every single show on and am mesmerized by all the upcoming trends.

Yazbukey nail art

Japanese nail artist @Gemini9 created these Yazbukey inspired nails. Photo from @yazbukey

After blogging about these nail polish shoes, I hoped that more designers would appreciate the shape of a polish bottle and the look of lacquer. While I didn’t spot any clothing items at Fashion Week that boasted a nail polish print (hopefully that will be next), I did find some more nail polish accessories on the horizon.

Yaz Bukey handbag

Beautiful Yazbukey handbag. Photo courtesy of WWD

Accessories designer Yaz Bukey brought us pop jewelry made of plexiglass that is fun and full of quirk at Paris Fashion Week. Her Spring 2014 collection shows off her love for all things beauty, including perfume, lipstick, and nail polish. Bukey showed a purse that featured all the beauty essentials as well as earrings shaped like nail polish bottles. One of her previous collections included a painted nail necklace and belt.

Yaz Bukey necklace

Bukey’s red-tipped nails match her necklace. Photo from @yazbukey

It seems Bukey, who is an Ottoman princess residing in Paris, is something of a salon fanatic. She favors red nail color and always gets her nails done to match her dog Viktor’s nails. “I think we always need to have perfect nails — it tells so much about a person,” says Bukey. She describes her friend Sylvie Ollo as the nail master of Paris and the woman responsible for Bukey’s tips. Her affection for red nails translates into her accessories which only feature red on the tips.

Yaz Bukey & Viktor

Bukey and her dog Viktor wear matching manis. Photo from @yazbukey

Bukey’s nail polish-infused collection is not available yet, but you can learn more about the designer and her past collections here. See her entire Spring 2014 collection here. Would you wear these pieces? What other nail polish-inspired accessories would you like to see? Tell us in the comments below.

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