Technique Tuesday: Velvet Nail Art

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The texture craze. Did it start with matte? Crackled polish? Caviar? Or maybe it has something to do with our information-age obsession with all things 3-D. There’s no doubt the trend is only growing, with feathered nails, multi-dimensional glitter, OPI Liquid Sand…the list could go on for pages!

But lately, I’ve seen a trend toward fabric-inspired nail art, and one kind that’s caught my eye for being both pretty and pretty simple is the velvet effect.

Layla released its new Velvet Effect Nail Art line comprised of 12 trending shades. With this product, millions of color fibers rest on the nails, turning them into soft, romantic landscapes.

Here’s how to get the look:

1. Prep your nails and apply one coat of polish to each nail. (Layla’s Ceramic Effect #9 Fuchsia is pictured.)


2. One nail at a time, apply a second coat of polish, and, while the nail is still completely wet, quickly sprinkle on Layla’s Velvet Candy Touch.


3. Wait a couple minutes and then clean the nail edges with a brush, outlining the nail shape. Lightly brush off the excess velvet from the nail surface as well. Wait an additional 10 minutes for your nails to fully dry.


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