Thinking Outside the Bottle

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Bootie BabeEver find yourself thinking that your nail polish bottles are just plain boring? It seems that perfumes come in as many different bottles as there are scents, so why can’t polish be the same? The quest to create a collectible bottle is what led Mark O’Hara to create Bootie Babe Fashion Nail Polish. Launched in May, the collection comes in 48 colors and is described as “humorous, bold, and completely unique.” O’Hara wanted to design a bottle that would literally stand out from the competition.

Bootie Babe

Elvis Pelvis

And we have to agree that these bottles definitely stand out. The names that come with each shade are very tongue-in-cheek too. But the colors are nothing to laugh about. There is an assortment of pearls, opaques, glitters, and shimmers that are playful, yet right on trend. Each bootylicious bottle contains lacquer that is Big Three and cruelty free. Even nail giant Nubar has taken notice and is now Bootie Babe’s official manufacturer. You’re only going to see more from this brand, as they are looking to add 24 colors next year and possibly expand into lip gloss, eyeshadow, and creams.

This isn’t the first time the female form has been embraced on packaging and it probably won’t be the last. I had to ask O’Hara about the reaction to these sexy sculpted bottles. “The response has been very positive all over the world, especially in Brazil,” he assured me. You can get your hands on one of these collectible bottles at for $8.

Bootie Babe

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4 Responses to Thinking Outside the Bottle

  1. Dianalyn says:

    These are great! Celebrating the body in any sense is always fun.

  2. Margriet says:

    I really need at least one in my collection!

  3. A. Journey says:

    What shade is in the center of the top (first) picture? I need it!

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