Mani Monday: Water Marble Nail Art

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Execute a water marble design without the hassle of clean up. Follow these steps created by nail art blogger, Alpana Ladwani, to see how she executed the tie-dye water marble nail art look.

What you’ll need:


-Blue polish

-Red polish

-Yellow polish

-White polish

-Top coat

-Disposable cup filled with water


-Nail art brush

-Orangewood stick


1. Create a bullseye in the water by adding drops of polish. Use a toothpick to drag the polish to create a flower design. Let it dry overnight.


2. Use a brush to carefully lift the dried out water marble design from the water.


3. Apply white nail polish to prepped nails.


4. While the polish is wet, place the dried out design over the polish.


5. Use an orangewood stick to cut out the excess design.steps-6

6. Apply a top coat to seal the look.


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