Mani Monday: 3-D Water Color Bubbles

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Nail art blogger, Alpana Ladwani, created a 3-D water color bubble design inspired by the look of fallen rain on blades of grass. Follow these steps to see how she executed the manicure.


What you’ll need:

-White polish

-Matte top coat

-Top coat

-Green and white acrylic paint

-Rounded edge brush

-Dotting tool

-Cotton swab

1. Mix green and white acrylic paint to get a shade light shade of green. Use the brush to apply the paint to create streaky texture.

2. Top it off with matte top coat.

3. Use a dotting tool to create small and bit dots using green paint.

4. Lightly dab a wet cotton swab over the center of the green dots.

5. Use the dotting tool to place a small blob of clear top coat on the center of the dots.

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