Mani Monday: Easy-To-Do Tape Nail Art

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This year I am stepping up my nail art game. I want to create manicures that have a sharp, polished, and precise finish. Hello, tape! Tape manicures, if executed well, can leave your digits looking edgy and contemporary. However, tape can be a little intimidating for a nail art newbie. With a little bit a patience and a whole lot of practice you can bet your nail art will never be the same.

What you will need:

  • Scissors
Easy Tape Mani

Step 1

1. Before executing any nail art, cut out about 20 pieces of thin rectangular strips of tape. The shape must be small enough to fit two horizontal pieces of tape on each nail. Preparing the tape before you begin will make the process run smoother.

Easy Tape Mani 2

Step 2

2. Prep the nails with a base coat.

Easy Tape Manicure 3

Step 3

3. Apply two thin coats of the Essie polish and wait for it to completely dry and harden. When using tape for a design, it’s particularly important to make sure the base color is completely dry. If you apply the tape when the polish is still wet, it will lift, smudge, and most likely ruin the entire look after you take it off.

Easy Tape Mani Step 4

Step 4

4. Use the tweezers to pick up and place the cut-out tape horizontally (creating two rectangles) coming out of the side of each nail.

Easy Tape Mani 5

Step 5

5. Apply a thin coat of the Butter London polish over the tape and then quickly peel off the pieces of tape (like a waxing strip).

Easy Tape Mani 6

Step 6

6. To prevent any smudging, wait for the entire design to completely dry before finishing off with a top coat.

What do you think of this manicure? Show us your tape manicures by tagging us on Twitter, FB or Instagram @SalonFanatic or #SalonFanatic. Check out nail artist Sigourney Nunez on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram for even more looks, nail hacks, and tutorials.

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