Golden Globes Colgate Beauty Bar 2014

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In Beverly Hills, any awards show is an excuse for a pampering party. I had the good fortune to attend the Colgate Beauty Bar at Prive Salon on Friday. The event was co-sponsored by Skinny Girl (which meant a wide selection of calorie-conscious cocktails) and Sexy Hair (which meant braid and blowout bars). But for me, it was all about the nails.

The event offered manicures and pedicures to attendees. Nail techs came from varying salons in the area to shape, file, and polish nails. The polish choices for the event were impressive: new Essie Encrusted, OPI Liquid Sand, Orly, Duri, and Sally Hansen also made the grade. I chose Essie’s My Better Half (it reminded me of the Color of the Year ) and my colleague Brittni chose Essie Chinchilly. Our manicurists Mimi and Holly told us that the beauty suite had been jumping all day-long and the most popular color choices so far had been glitters and gold (for the Globes, of course).

The zen-like salon featured a patio complete with a buddha and Skinny Girl cocktail bar. Frozen yogurt was also available for guests courtesy of Lifeway. The salon’s regular menu includes hair care, nails, and make-up.

But the best treat from the Beauty Bar was the opportunity to meet Lisa Rinna. The actress chose a dark Orly polish for her manicure. Ms. Rinna informed us that she chose the color to go along with her black Versace dress that she would be wearing to the Golden Globes. She also confessed that she does not usually wear nail polish. “I like my nails nude and buffed,” said Rinna, but she decided on this particular color because she saw another party attendee wearing it on her toes. Her 12-year old daughter however, is a big fan of nail color. “I let her wear her first set of gels and she loves them,” Rinna says of her daughter’s current blue gel-polish manicure. When I asked about salons, she said her daughters love Olive & June and she is a fan of Bellacures.

Despite the nail love Rinna was showing at the beauty event, she tweeted that she wanted someone to publicly diss E!’s mani cam on the red carpet. A few minutes later she got her wish when Elisabeth Moss flipped off the mani cam after showing her dark nail polish.

Thank you Colgate and Prive Salon for putting a bright smile on my face and bringing color to my nails. For more pictures from this event, search #brilliantsmile on social media.

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