What’s In My Bag?

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You know that game women like to play at bridal showers where they see who has the most outlandish items in their purse? Blogger and illustrator Kristina Hultkrantz has an artistic take on that game. She sketches out what she imagines the inside of celebrity handbags look like. Her Etsy shop contains prints of these purse renderings, including those of Kate Middleton, Coco Chanel, Carrie Bradshaw, and Michelle Obama to name a few.


I have been in love with Hultkrantz’s artwork for four years now and I own several of her prints and one of her scarves. So when I was writing a story for NAILS about salon décor, her nail polish prints immediately popped into my head. Her polish prints are the ideal gift for any salon fanatic or beauty junkie. I love how she captures the character in the different shapes and colors of polish bottles.

Recently, Hultkrantz decided to give back to the blogging community by offering to create custom What’s in My Bag sketches for the first several bloggers who volunteered to share the contents of their purses. I was up for the challenge and began looking through my actual purse and past photos. I appreciate Hultkrantz editing the contents of my bag down to this eclectic mix that translated beautifully.


The completed version of What’s In My Bag: Salon Fanatic edition.

In my bag: Tory Burch sunglasses (I live in sunny Southern California), Chanel compact and lipstick (my favorite Chanel shade is Boy, named after her true love), notepad and pen (magazine editor essentials), iPad (for perusing Nail Art Gallery Magazine ), Starbucks coffee (gets me through the day), mini nail files, Alessandro Dream Polish, Deborah Lippmann glitter polish (my favorite is Candy Shop), Stila pigments, and my iPhone of course (my old iPhone case was by Kate Spade and looked like a magazine cover). All these items fit into my spacious animal print bag from L.A.M.B. (nail icon Gwen Stefani’s line).

See her blog post about creating this drawing here and shop her Etsy store here.

My sincerest thanks to Kristina for her depiction of my work and style and for bringing the beauty of others to light every day. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by nail art (both on fingers and paper) and so many talented women!

What’s in your bag? Spill in the comments below.

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