Mani Monday: Watermelon Nail Art

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Cool off this week with a cute nail design that is sure to refresh your taste buds. This summer nail art look created by @alpsnailart on Instagram, features an adorable watermelon couple enjoying a cocktail on a romantic date.

Here’s what you’ll need:


-Base coat
-Green polish
-White polish
-Red polish
-Matte top coat
-Green, white, green, black, and red acrylic paint
-Clear nail tip
-Kiwi fimo
-3-D hearts
-Thin brush
-Small spring for straw

Index finger: Male watermelon

Apply a base coat, once dry paint green polish as a base color. Mix white and green acrylic paint and create swirl lines using a thin brush. Paint facial features with dotting tools and a brush. Once dry, apply a matte top coat.

Middle finger: 3-D cocktail glass

Take a no.9 (or smaller) clear nail tip and shape it into a glass to fit the nail. Paint the tip with red and green paint or nail polish on the back side on the tip. Paint the nail base with white polish. Stick the 3-D glass (nail tip) on the white polish while it’s still wet. Attach a kiwi fimo on the tip of the glass and add the straw.

Ring finger: Female watermelon

Apply a base coat. Once dry, paint the nail red. Apply a French tip guide and sponge a dark and light green gradient on the tip. Paint facial expressions with white and black acrylic paint using a dotting tool and brush.

Pinky: Watermelon with hearts.

Paint the nail with the watermelon base like on the index finger and apply 3-D hearts.

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