Follow Friday: Perusing Nail Art

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For those times when you just want to get lost in a world of beautiful designs on little, tiny canvasses, here are five of my favorite nail art sites.


1. F*ck Yeah Nail Art: Following the viral “f*ck yeah” Tumblr format of making a blog dedicated to a very specific subject matter, it only makes sense that F*uck Yeah Nail Art exists. Consisting almost entirely of curated images, basically it brings the best of the best all together in one place. This image from Anchors & Tenticles features one of my favorite color combinations.



2. Burgers and Nails: It’s exactly what you think it is. Pictures of burgers with nail art. What is the purpose? There’s no purpose. It’s just fun! Living in LA, I have a special affinity for this look from Paige At Work.



3. Nail Art Gallery: This one is close to my heart, since it’s one of our sister properties. With more than 20,000 nail fanatics posting over 100,000 nail art photos, it’s the go-to-place for inspiration no matter what you’re looking for.  I love this abstract look from Glowstars.



4. Pinterest: Yep, the popular online inspiration board is home to nail art and tutorials of all kinds. You can lose yourself for hours wandering through the virtual pages of nail art. Want a place to get started? Try Nail Art Gallery’s page of curated content and boards. This Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art board is a great place to start thinking about some October nail designs.



5. Nailed It: A combination of nail art designs, tutorials, and polish swatches, this popular website consists of all original work by nail enthusiast-turned-nail student Katy Parsons. She takes great pictures and posts often.

Editor’s Note: Every Friday we’ll be posting links to some of our favorite nail and salon sites that we think you should follow. E-mail [email protected] if you have a site you’d like us to consider following.

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