Shellac or Imposter Attack? How to Find Out If You’re Really Getting the Namebrand Polish

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Shellac Sweet Dreams Collection

Like the bitter surprise of receiving a Pepsi when you ordered a Coke (or vice versa), when you request a specific gel-polish brand in a nail salon your digits shouldn’t be manicured with whatever similar product the business stocks without a heads-up first.

Due to the national media hullabaloo Shellac caused when it first launched in 2010, the moniker sort of became synonymous for any 14-day gel-polish manicure. However, “Shellac” is a name brand product by professional nail manufacturer CND. There are other gel-polish brands on the market and everyone has their preferred brand.


So, how do you know if you’re really getting “Shellac” or something else? Lucky for you, CND has a nifty salon finder on its website. It’s two clicks to nail bliss. Simply check the box for the service you’re looking for (Vinylux and  Brisa Gel, made by the same manufacturer, are on there too), type in your zip code and hit “search.”


Every nail tech listed on the site passed an in-person class (including a computerized quiz) to prove she knows her stuff.

And if your preference is for a different gel-polish, that’s a personal choice we have no desire to meddle with. We’re simply pro-full  salon disclosure, no matter the brand.

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