First Time For Everything: Getting Shellac’d

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CND Ambassador Shelena Robinson (left), me, and co-founder Jan Arnold (right).

I’ve heard many a tale of girls who will pay any amount of money for a CND Shellac manicure. While I know what it is (a product applied like a regular polish then cured under a UV light), I had never experienced this service myself.

At the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach, Calif., I was initiated into the club right in front of CND co-founder and nail icon Jan Arnold herself. I felt slightly embarrassed admitting to Ms. Arnold and veteran nail designer Shelena Robinson (who designs some of the most jaw-dropping nails worn at Fashion Week) that I had never worn CND Shellac before, but they made me feel instantly comfortable. Robinson took notice of the stones in my vintage ring and went to work recreating the texture on my nails with CND’s Open Road collection and additives.

 CND Shellac Spring 2014

I found that CND Shellac application really does feel like lacquer — it lacks the heaviness of gel-polish. Since it cures, nail art can be done extremely quickly and you don’t have to wait around for it to dry. Robinson explained that since the Open Road collection was about the softness of natural textures, she asked if she could soften the shape of my square nails. Always willing to try a new shape, I agreed. She then applied a matte finish to my nails (another first for me). I was so taken with the beauty of the completed design that I didn’t really notice the lack of shine or the less prominent square shape. Lesson learned: sometimes it is beneficial to take a chance on something new when it comes to your nails. As an added bonus, I found that Shellac comes off with great ease too.


If you want nail art or a manicure that will last for two weeks or longer from a knowledgeable nail tech, I highly recommend a Shellac service. CND trains techs in proper application and teaches them about seasonal trends. Having healthy, trendsetting nails is definitely worth the price. Find a salon that offers CND Shellac near you by clicking here.

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