Technique Tuesday: How to Paint Your Nails

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Over the weekend the Salon Fanatic team received a reader inquiry. It went a little something like this:

“How can I professionally apply nail polish? Every time I paint my nails, they just chip or look thick and untidy. Please advice. Sincerely, Unsteady Hand.”

While at-home manicures are never quite as a good as ones executed by a professional, when the money is tight, some of us definitely prefer the DIY approach.

Next time you’re going to pamper yourself with a fresh manicure, try out these handy tips created by New York City based nail artist, Madeline Poole of MP Nails. Check out the foolproof infographic below to see her special technique on how to paint your nails.


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The step- by-step above covered the basics, but if excessive chipping is a common issue, make sure you’re not skipping the top coat. Remember to apply a final stroke of the last layer in a horizontal swipe on the free edge to seal the design.

If you’re dealing with a shaky hand, it also helps to breathe while you’re putting on your favorite polish. Try exhaling when you apply a stroke of lacquer. It’ll allow you to control an unsteady hand and create precision.

Do you have any advice to share or perhaps a pressing question of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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