Scrubs That Are Truly You

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Truly You

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Handmade scrubs are always ideal when it comes to relaxation. These new scrubs from Truly You are truly better than the rest, infused with chakra oils.

The Dead Sea Salt Scrub is made with Dead Sea Salt, sweet almond oil, mango, and tangerine fragrance, tangerine essential oil, vitamin E, and Golden Earth’s Solar Plexus Chakra Oil.

The Lavender Dead Sea Salt Scrub is infused with essential lavender oils, heart chakra oil, rose and neroli essential oil lend, rose quartz crystal infusion, and passion fruit oil all mixed with salts from the Dead Sea.

The Brown Sugar Amber Scrub is silky smooth made with imported organic brown sugar, sweet almond oil, tangerine essential oil, vitamin E oil and infused with Golden Earth’s Crown Chakra oil.

All of the blends are precisely mixed to allow the mineral and oils to work together for optimum effect. These scrubs would be the perfect complement to manicures and pedicures, nourishing hands, feet, and soul.

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