Cool Salons: Cosi Fan Tutte in Laguna Beach

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Cosi Fan Tutte

This shabby chic salon is on the second story and overlooks Laguna Beach.

The name of this salon comes from Mozart’s opera, meaning “Women are so like that!” And this Laguna Beach, Calif., salon is meant for women who like to be pampered. Owner Jae’tte Burneo offers custom nail art surrounded by shabby chic decor, all overlooking the ocean.

Cosi Fan Tutte is brand new, re-opened under new management in December 2012. Owner Jae’tte Burneo started working at the former location and decided to buy the business when the owner put it up for sale. Burneo has been a licensed cosmetologist for 34 years, and she previously worked in hair and makeup. After getting into watercolor painting, a friend requested Burneo’s designs on her toes. That’s when her love affair with nail art began. She started posting pictures to Nail Art Gallery in May 2012, and her popularity soared. Burneo is now known for her amazing nail art, which she offers starting at $5 per nail.

Cosi Fan Tutte

Framed nail art decorates the salon.

Eyelashes and makeup application are add-on services offered at the nail lounge. Cute illustrated stationery, soaps, and other beauty products colorfully line entranceway shelves. Polishes are grouped by color and sit pretty next to chandeliers.

Polish display at Cosi Fan Tutte

Polish is displayed on vintage furniture.

Jae'tte Burneo and Beth Livesay

Owner Jae’tte Burneo gave me a sparkling pedicure.

Parties can be held at Cosi Fan Tutte. Celebrations for bridal, baby, bachelorette, girls’ night out, and pampered princesses (ages 5–18) are available. Or you could just make your regularly scheduled pedicure a party in itself. This nail lounge offers champagne, wine, coffee, cookies, and other sweet treats.

If you’re looking to catch some sun you can also catch a manicure and pedicure. In my opinion, there’s no better beach than Laguna, and any nail lounge that lets you sip a mimosa while watching a beachside sunset is definitely worth your time.

Cosi Fan Tutte | 550 S Coast Hwy Unit 5 – 6 | Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 813-8808

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One Response to Cool Salons: Cosi Fan Tutte in Laguna Beach

  1. Rolando says:

    Jett’s Cheyenne Burneo is one of those people who will lure you in with her cunningness and has the capability of committing the most sinister means of fraud.
    Imprisoned until 2011 Burneo had committed numerous counts of identity theft as well as skipped bail where she was on the most wanted list in San Diego since 2006.
    Her personality helps her to draw you in but with a vindictive and manipulating behavior that can cause great harm to an individual and ones family. Burneo likes the high life at somebody else’s expense. She has committed more acts of fraud than what she has been charged with and in some situations has left people broke by her unwavering greed. She is no stranger to correctional facilities and may have moved from San Diego to OC to get away from people who she still owes thousands and thousands of dollars to. My only advise at this stage when dealing with Burneo and her business is NEVER use a credit card at her shop. Remember identity theft is one of the largest crimes in the United States and this woman has a long history of it. There is no question…if she has committed on numerous occasions in the past…then she will again. Be careful and be safe and protect yourself from this snake.

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