The Woman Behind the Polish: Nexus Cook

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25th & June

Brilliant & Bazaar by 25th & June

25th & June Founder Nexus Cook in Capri

Nexus Cook in Capri

The founder behind 25th & June Nail Elixir, Nexus Cook,  has literally traveled the world to bring you this polish. We loved the story behind her collection so much, that we had to ask for her beauty and travel tips.

Salon Fanatic: What is your favorite place you have traveled to?

Nexus Cook: It’s really hard to narrow it down to just one location, but if I had to choose, I think it would be Morocco. The country is just incredible. I met so many great people, ate AMAZING food, and I had so many beautiful and life-changing experiences while I was there. I’m pretty sure I’m going to figure out a way to live there one day.

SF: What nail items do you travel with?

NC: I try to always have a nail file with me.  When travelling, it’s best to carry a softer file, not a metal one, just to avoid any of the travel restrictions. But I have a little compact mirror with a nail file inside, so that takes care of two beauty must-haves.


Cook in Egypt

SF: How do you prepare/paint your nails before a journey?

NC: I’m in love with long nails so I try to keep them healthy and strong to avoid any devastating breaks or chips while on vacation. A broken nail can seem like a mini-life crisis to me, so I use a nourishing base coat and my fast-drying top coat is like my best friend!

SF: What is your best traveling tip?

NC: Pack up everything you think you’ll need – then the night before you leave, take out half of your stuff. No one EVER uses as much as they pack.


Cook in Costa Rica

SF: What is the significance behind the name 25th & June?

NC: On the surface level, 25th & June stands for my birthday – June 25th. But more importantly, the name represents a location. 25th & June is a place of inspiration. I want each color to be the perfect starting point for passionate and ambitious trendsetters who are on a journey towards their goals and want to look and feel gorgeous along the way.

To keep up with Cook make sure and follow25th and June on Facebook and Twitter. Begin your nail polish journey at Click on a nail color and it will tell you about the destinations it’s named after.

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