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Love Shoes, Bags, Nails

LOVESHOESBAGSNAILS nail art portfolio

For the one year anniversary of LOVESHOESBAGSNAILS’ nail art on Instagram, Kerry (the woman behind the shoes, the bags, and the nails), wanted to share some of her lessons learned. Whether you are a seasoned nail artist or are relatively new to social media, keep these ideas in mind for growing your following.

  • Choose how you will network: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, and the list goes on. Use these platforms to showcase your nail art.
  • For ease of use and to prevent confusion, try to use the same user name across all social networks.Follow fellow nail artists, particularly those who inspire you.
  • If someone inspires you, let them know. Some accounts invite you to hash tag your pics if they have inspired you so they can see your recreation.
  • Practice, practice, practice your artwork and track your progress by taking pictures to compare later.
  • Take quality photos. I invested in a lightbox, which drastically improved the quality of my pictures but sometimes you just can’t beat natural daylight.  YouTube can also be of great help with photography. Also check out @snowglobenails@tipsandtopcoat, @workplaypolish, and @lucysstash for their flawless photography and beautiful hand poses.
  • Take pride in your work. I have seen so many pictures posted with the caption “didn’t have time to clean up.” If that’s the case, don’t post it until you can clean up.
  • Support indie polish makers. Buy their polish if you can, visit their websites/blogs, and fill out a swatcher’s application form. You may be selected to swatch some polish for them.
  • Share what you learn. If you are feeling brave, make a tutorial, pictorial or video of your nail art. So many people really appreciate how-to guides.
  • If you share someone’s picture, do the decent thing and give them credit by saying where you saw the picture and who created it, using their account name. There are some fab ladies on Instagram (@ignailartpolice and @ignailartcredit) who give up their time to let others know about accounts that don’t give credit and how to report them correctly.
  • Some big accounts on Instagram are happy to showcase your work. E-mail or tag them your BEST pictures for a chance to be featured on their account, giving you greater exposure. Only e-mail them if it says so in their bio. Avoid accounts that don’t give credit. Some accounts will make a charge  for a feature, you’ll know they charge when they reply with a price list.
  • Tag big brand companies when you use their polish, they may share your nail pics on their website. Try tagging @modelsown or use the hashtag #manicuremonday and tag @grazia_live & @nailsinc to enter their Mani Monday competition (in the U.K.). See for more details.
  • Interact with the nail art community. Like and comment on others’ work. Most of the people I have met during the last year have been absolutely lovely. Its great to talk with like-minded people who understand your love/addiction to polish, nails, and nail art.

If you are just starting out and are looking for people to follow on Instagram, I recommend the following:

LOVESHOESBAGSNAILS creates custom hand-painted nail art to match any outfit. See their creations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on their website to learn more.



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