Not So High and Mighty

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If you’ve read my bio then you know that I love high-heeled shoes just as much as I love nail polish (that’s a lot of love!). So I had to share this video about the potential damage you could be doing to your feet when wearing such awesome shoes. (The key word here is: “potential.”)

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in the U.K. are the ones responsible for ruining our fun. They are using a new scanner to transform the diagnosis of foot and ankle problems. This new technology allows doctors to view the foot and ankle in 3-D (as opposed to 2-D X-rays) and in shoes so they can pinpoint exactly where pain is coming from.

The hospital released this conclusion as a result: “Women who regularly wear high heels often suffer from foot and ankle problems as body weight is transferred to the ball of the foot, adding pressure to sesamoids (the tiny pea sized bones under the big toe). Frequent wearing of high heels also squashes the toes, forcing the foot into an unnatural shape, which can cause intense pain and possible long-term damage such as clawing of the toes.” That can’t be good for your toenails. Will you still wear high-heels after this? Comment on your stance in the comments section.

Read the entire press release here.

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