Make Your Own NCLA Wraps With New App

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We have been fanatic about NCLA’s nail wrap collections for a while now. So imagine our excitement when we learned that we can now make our own using myNCLA, a free app now available in the Apple App Store! The myNCLA app allows you to create your own wraps out of anything you can take a photo of or already have in your camera roll. Custom nail wraps that are easy to apply and stay on? Hallelujah!


After downloading the app, make an account, then choose your template.


After selecting a photo, scale and crop it per your template.


Preview your design and place your order. You can pay with credit/debit card and have the option of adding in a Gloss It top coat.


When your order comes in, place on your nails and wear with pride.


What kind of wraps will you be creating? Tell us in the comments below or share your design on the Nail Art Gallery App.

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2 Responses to Make Your Own NCLA Wraps With New App

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