Wedding Season Nails

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wedding season nails

I mentioned in an ed note recently that when it comes to wedding nails, nail art isn’t always an option. Coming out of a busy wedding season, I wanted to share what I learned and the nails that came along with those lessons.

wedding season nails

You should never outshine the bride at her wedding, but when it comes to fun festivities like showers and bachelorette parties, go all out. These celebrations are about having fun, so show the bride you’re in the spirit by getting some commemorative nail art. Offer to make an appointment for her too, so she doesn’t feel left out.

My sister had a masquerade-themed bridal shower. While dressing up in costume isn’t really my thing, dressing up my nails is. I had Jae’tte Burneo of Laguna Beach, Calif., dazzle up my nails with a mask charm and lots of sparkle. My sister definitely appreciated that I got my nails into character for her party.

wedding nails

The day before my sister’s wedding we headed over to Polish Salon in Brea, Calif., so the wedding party could get their nails perfected. My sister’s colors were silver and purple, so I gave her the final say on my toe color. I’ve found that it might be polite to run these small details by the bride first, in case they want a shoe shot in the wedding pictures. (If you’re wearing closed-toed shoes you should get a pedicure anyway. We all know those shoes tend to come off when the dancing starts.)

I narrowed down my polish choices to my favorite purples and silvers. My sister agreed that Morgan Taylor Oh Snap, It’s Silver was the best choice, because it has a prismatic effect to it. Since it was a special occasion, nail tech Kim Tucker and I thought rhinestones would be a necessary addition, so she added them in the wedding colors. As a gift to the bridal party, everyone got Pedi Princess flip-flops to bring to the salon.

wedding season nails

My mom is not the most adventurous when it comes to her nails. She prefers lacquer and loves Zoya’s Naturel Collection, which she brought with her to the salon. Kudos to master nail tech Vicki Peters for convincing my mom to change it up a bit. She polished a purple and nude gradient across my mom’s nails and added a single gem. These are the coolest nails I have seen my mom wear to date.

wedding season nails

In the tradition of doing something understated, yet elegant for bridal nails, my sister decided on a nude color with a twist. My sister has super-short natural nails, so I convinced her to consult with Vicki about a month before her wedding date to discuss getting acrylics. I cannot even stress how important it is to consult with a nail tech well before your wedding date to plan on getting your nails to look their best. The nail technician also needs to see you to gauge how much time she will need to spend on your nails and assess any problems you might be having, and recommend the appropriate fixes.

My sister found some triangle glitter nails she liked on Pinterest and thought that they would modernize her look. After her acrylic set was complete, nude gel-polish was applied, then the glitter accents and crystals. Because my sister went with acrylics and gel-polish, her nails were able to last through her honeymoon.

wedding 2

Because the big day had to be all about my sister (and her nails), the bridal party chose toned-down looks that would let her manicure really shine. I wore a soft, ballerina pink gel-polish by LeChat with a single accent nail that had silver glitter and a rhinestone.

wedding nails

For the most recent wedding I attended at the Black Gold Golf Club, I decided to keep it classy with black and white nails. I also considered going Art Deco, since we were working on the August issue of Nail Art Gallery Magazine at the time. Jae’tte once again went with my ideas and produced a dazzling design using gel-polish, crystals, charms, acrylic paint, and securing them with Dashing Diva nail glue which kept every stone in place for over a week!


Weddings can be stressful, but they provide you with the golden opportunity to dress up your nails. Take inspiration from the location, theme, and colors to treat yourself to some pampering with an artistic touch.

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