Twinkle Twinkle Little Nail

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Twinkle Nail

With nail polish strip

Could light up nails be the next big trend? TwinkleNail is hoping so. This South Korean company has started an Indiegogo campaign to raise the proper funds for this light up nail art. Simply place the technology (that’s on a thin strip) onto the nail and cover with a nail polish sticker. The idea is for your nail to then light up when you come in contact with certain smartphones and other electronic devices. What makes Twinkle Nail work is a .4 mm thin flexible circuit with non-powered LED illumination that is completely waterproof (so you can still wash your hands). This takes the glow in the dark trend one step further. You can even apply nail art on top of the polish strip for a look that lights up the room even more.


Without polish strip

Would you try Twinkle Nail? Are these the nails of the future? Leave a comment below and explain why or why not.

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