Technique Tuesday: Breaking Bad Star’s Emmy Manicure

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The dearly departed AMC drama “Breaking Bad” went out in style last night taking home five Emmy wins including Outstanding Drama Series. Betsy Brandt of the award-winning show walked the red carpet in an Alice + Olivia dress and paired it with chic and subtle manicure. Celeb manicurist, Carla Kay polished Brandt’s nails with pale creamy pink nail lacquer. “Betsy and I picked Red Carpet Manicure’s Candid Moments nail lacquer because Betsy’s dress has a lot of bold colors. I felt that the soft shade provides a nice balance. Plus, it’s a color that really compliments the hands and gives her a chic, soft-looking finish,” says Kay.


Here’s how to get Brandt’s 2014 Emmy look: betsy-brandt-nails

1. File the nails softly across and angle your file in the corner for a soft oval shape. Soak hands for a few minutes and use an orangewood stick to push back cuticles. After pushing back cuticles damp a cloth and wipe the cuticle area toward the knuckles. This will take away the excess cuticle. Only cut what is visibly sticking out like a hang nail. Never cut the seal of the cuticle.

2. Apply a small amount of Red Carpet Manicure Cuticle Elixer to the nails and with a soft buffer gently buff the top and free edge of the nails. Apply lotion to hands and arms. Wash hands to remove all the oil residue so the polish will adhere well.

3. Apply one coat of Red Carpet Manicure Clingy Basecoat on one hand. Wait one minute so it dries and the color application is smooth.


4. Take Red Carpet Manicure Candid Moments and apply the first coat. Make sure to swipe off excess polish from the brush so the coats are not too thick.


5. Wait one minute and apply a second coat as needed. To get Brandt’s look, Kay applied three coats to give the look added depth.

6. Apply Red Carpet Manicure Shine On Top Coat to finish the look with a shiny gloss. betsy-brandt-nails-top-coat

For a complete roundup of the manicures that graced the red carpet from the 2014 award show season, click here.

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