Technique Tuesday: BOHEM Nail Jewellery

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BOHEM Nail Jewellery, a UK-based handmade jewelry company, just released a pair of accent nails for Rihanna’s World Tour 2013 that will blow your mind. Quite possibly one of the most expensive pieces of nail art, the accent nails feature a multi-layered 3-D design with one large brilliant-cut diamond and a handful of star-shaped diamonds set in platinum to evoke Rihanna’s hit single ‘Diamonds in the Sky.’ The nails are almond-shaped, a style Joe Vella, BOHEM’s creative director, says Rihanna seems to love.

The jewelry and stone setting were completed by artists and jewelers from the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, England. BOHEM plans to design other exclusive “Nails for the Stars,” which will be made with precious metals and gems to fit the style of a particular celebrity.

Watch this video tutorial on how to apply and remove BOHEM’s reusable nail jewelry.

Nails for the stars_263kb

Celebrity nails115kb

Check out this close up on Rihanna’s stunning World Tour 2013 nails.




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