Mani Monday: Good Girl Gone Bad Nail Art Tutorial

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A nail art design often has a theme and a message behind it. I used to believe that designs were capable of making just one statement. That was until I came across Jessica Washick’s Good Girl Gone Bad manicure. The abstract look parted down the middle showcases two personalities. Here’s my recreation of it with a little added bling. good-girl-gone-bad-supplies

What you will need:

  • Black Striper Polish
  • Pure Ice Satin Ribbon
  • Pure Ice Seal the Deal
  • Pure Ice Girl on the Run
  • Rhinestones
Step 1

Step 1

1. Prep the nail with a base coat. Once it’s dry, create a line down the middle of the nail with a black striper brush.


Step 2

2. Paint one half of the nail black and apply a light and clear nude polish on the other half.

Good Girl Gone Bad

Step 3

3. Create a french tip on the half of the nail with a clear base using white polish.


Step 4

4. Apply a light layer of top coat over the black polish and randomly place several rhinestones on the nail.


Step 5

5. Seal the entire design with a generous amount of top coat.

Good Girl

Good Girl

Bad Girl

Bad Girl

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