30 Day Organization Challenge

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30 days of organizing

It’s September. In short, the year is almost over and the holidays pretty much begin tomorrow. It’s the opportune time to get organized, so that the rest of the year is that much easier.  Organization expert Sara Barba, founder of XOXOrganizing came up with this fun (and we admit, necessary) 30 Day Challenge to encourage organization. We especially love that rewards are included with some of the challenges and that they involve getting your nails done!

Today’s challenge is the perfect way for any Salon Fanatic to ease into the month. Organize your nail polish for day three of the challenge and share a picture with your newly spruced up space by tagging #xoxo30days. For organization tips on nail products you can also look here. If you want another challenge for this month, don’t forget about our nail art game.

Which day of this challenge are you most looking forward to?

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