Win It Wednesday: Win the Seche Gracious & Kind Polish Collection

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9 Seche gracious + kind

The Seche woman celebrates the true meaning of the holidays and approaches each day being Gracious & Kind. She’s Warm Hearted, generous and charitable, and when she walks through a door, you can see the room All Lit Up in her presence. A lover of all things Nostalgic, she cherishes the memories of the Collected Moments shared with family and friends each year. When it comes time to ring in 2014, she’ll do it with a Sparkle, Clink, Kiss.

Win this fabulous holiday collection that includes:

> Warm Hearted — rich ruby red crème

> Gracious & Kind — gold-flecked fuchsia shimmer

> All Lit Up — lovely garnet shimmer

> Nostalgic — vivid violet shimmer

> Collected Moments — glistening gold shimmer

> Sparkle, Clink, Kiss — shimmering gold base with multi-size pink glitter

To enter, leave a comment telling us about the kindest thing someone has done for you. If you prefer, you can e-mail us instead at [email protected]. We will pick one winner on Monday, November 11. This giveaway is for U.S. only.

Good luck and be kind!

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12 Responses to Win It Wednesday: Win the Seche Gracious & Kind Polish Collection

  1. Vicki Strom says:

    The nicest thing that quite a few people made possible was when my Dad was dying and decided to go into hospice. We knew it wasn’t going to be long and I called all of my clients and cancelled out my week. Not one of them made a stink about their nails not getting done. Each and every one of them told me they were thinking of or praying for him. I realized then that my clients weren’t clients, they were my friends. That was the nicest thing to happen at one of the hardest times of my life.

  2. Melissa says:

    Someone bought my groceries for me when I realized I had forgotten my wallet at home. It was so sweet and touching.

  3. Judy says:

    When my son was in the hospital for 121 days, the parents in his class made us dinner and would leave in in a cooler for us so when we came home later on all we would have to do is warm it up. That was so unexpected and nice and very welcoming after a long day at the hospital.

  4. Evett Jordan says:

    One day 2 priests came into our salon to

    • Evett Jordan says:

      2 priests came in for pedicures because the had trouble doing the nail maintenance so we took care of they’re feet and the next day we received a huge bouquet of flowers as a thank you.. Truly awesome!

  5. Amanda Hays says:

    I’ve had fibromyalgia for 14 years and I’m only 35 but I have been blessed with a few amazing friends who have stuck by me through this illness. Misti, Dalia, Emily, Katie and Michelle have accepted my limitations and all the lifestyle changes that have come from the fibromyalgia without question. Never once have they doubted me or accused me of faking my symptoms like so many others have and continue to do.
    They help me with everyday tasks and occasionally larger projects that crop up that I am no longer able to do or need help with. They listen to me complain about how much pain I’m in and how much I miss being able to dance, lift weights and work. They deal with my depression, anxiety, my inability to show up on time or my frequent cancellations due to be too exhausted.
    I don’t know that I would be able to deal with my life and this illness without these awesome women. Having friends that love you unconditionally and can see past your flaws is beyond wonderful and I am thankful everyday that I am lucky enough to have 5 of them!!

  6. Fiona Dennick says:

    The kindest thing was when my friend shared one of her wins with me.. Competition was a full makeover, photo shoot and Ugg vouchers. The experience was amazing and we were even in their online brochure

  7. Elle says:

    My husband and I recently moved out of town, but I needed to return to the east coast for surgery. My in-laws agreed to house me for a month and a half while I recovered. It’s been such a blessing!

  8. Jessica Hatswell says:

    I had gotten a client only a couple times and she loved my nail art and would in courage me to take my art to a bigger canvas. Right before Christmas she came in with a sketch pad and colored pencils,it was inspiring that a she thought I was that good,thank you Barbara,miss you.

  9. Jennifer Dysart says:

    We were really…really poor when I was a kid, so poor we were homeless at one point. Thanks to kindness of others, my mom was able to get back on her feet and get a job and everything slowly turned for the better for all of us. Also thanks to donations, christmas was never “cancelled”….so yes, those donations people put into bins actually do go somewhere real…

  10. Tina says:

    My Grandparents loaned me the money to pay for esthetics school and a their extra vehicle so I could attend the best school in the country. It was such a blessing to have my family support me in getting the education I needed to earn a living.

  11. Kathy W says:

    I left my purse one day in a grocery cart with 300.00 dollars in it. This was all the money I had for the month. I was sick knowing it was a careless mistake on my part. When I called the store to see if it had been turned in to my surprise it had been. An elderly couple had found it and took it inside and asked to remain unnamed. In turned I volunteered at the senior center to repay my debt for the month..,

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