Static Electricity

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Static Nails

Leather and Spikes

Static Nail

Static Nails gives you a luxury manicure for the fraction of the cost! If gems, spikes, and bling are your thing, throw them on without ever worrying about chipping or breaking. Apply Static Nails using safe, non-damaging glue. Each set of Static Nails includes 24 mix-and-match nails in 12 sizes, ensuring that you will find the perfect fit. A nail file is also included to help shape your nail however you would like. Each set is reusable, paintable, and contains 3-D elements. There are currently 12 collections available, including:


Black Tie

Black Tie ($39.99): Comes with 16 matte pink nails, 4 matte black nails with crystal bows, and 4 silver glitter nails with Swarovski crystals.

Leather and Spikes ($45.99): Comes with 24 black nails with a leather effect, 12 of which have chrome spikes.

Bad Gal ($37.99): Comes with 2 Swarovski embellished nails, 2 silver glitter nails, 2 “Bad” nails with 3-D dots, 2 nails with shield design, 2 matte white nails with diamond graphic, 2 matte white nails with 3-D dots, 2 matte white nails with eggshell print, 2 matte nails with black and white diamonds and 3-D dots, and 8 black nails with galaxy sparkles.

Galaxy ($35): Comes with a mixture of purple glitter, black and white nails, 13 of which have Swarovski embellishments, and 11 that have a 3-D triangle accessory.

Wild One ($36.99): Comes with 2 “Wild One” nails, 2 black glitter nails, 16 matte black nails, 2 matte leopard print nails, and 2 Swarovski embellished nails.

Liquid Metal ($14): Comes with 24 chrome, mirror finish nails.

Electric Nights ($18): 24 matte electric blue nails, 4 of which come with baby chrome spikes.

Get Spotted ($14.99): Comes with 12 glow in the dark matte white nails with black dots, 12 glow in the dark matte black nails with white dots (no UV light needed).

French Twist ($14): Comes with 24 high-gloss, baby pink nails with gold glitter crescent moon design.

Rain Confetti ($14): Comes with 24 nude pink nails with a confetti fade.

Skella ($14.99): Comes with 20 matte white nails with silver and gold cross stripes, and 4 matte white nails with black skulls.

Fresh Tips ($14.99): 20 high-gloss fire engine red nails, 4 white nails with real dried flowers and a protective coating.

Static Nails

Liquid Metal

You can get your own dynamic set of nails, here. Salon Fanatic readers can even get $10 off a purchase of $30 or more when using code FANATIC10 at checkout. Offer expires on 6/15/14 so shop now!

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